Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Menu Plan January 23 - 27

Okay, so it's not Monday at all.  I'm still trying to figure out how to keep to my schedule of writing, and although I have been working on it, it's still not as regular as I had wished.  Baby steps! My challenge this week in menu planning was very little money to work with.  In fact, because of a few different factors, our budget for food this week was as close to nil as possible.  I did an inventory of the freezer (and cleaned out the REALLY old pork chops and semi old pureed veggies) and came up with some meals.

Monday: Pizza, because we didn't get to it on Friday.
Tuesday: Pork chops (no, not the really old ones!) baked with mushrooms and cream, basmati rice and corn.
Wednesday: Spaghetti (using sauce frozen from a previous batch)
Thursday: Turkey Stroganoff
Friday: Chicken nachos to celebrate a frugal week!

Almost every item will be from food we already had, either in the fridge, or frozen.  (Except for the egg noodles and yogurt in the Stroganoff, but I might just use whole wheat fettuccine.  Oh, and the nacho chips for the chicken nachos.)  Other than that, we stocked up on milk, potatoes, and eggs on the weekend and we have pulled out the breadmaker again!  I made a whole wheat loaf today.  It's incredible what you can avoid buying when you just are not able to!  (In saying that, I don't disregard how difficult it is either, and we are blessed with a freezer and pantry full of food.)

I WISH I had taken a picture of this cake for the blog!  I took the cupcake recipe, doubled it for a Bundt cake and it was so yummy.  Yes, I used real, unsalted butter.  And yes, Joy the Baker is amazing.  (Oh, and yes it was for a dessert night out, with friends... a special occasion!)

Check out Organizing Junkie for more recipe links!


  1. This cake sounds delicious (or cupcakes). I may have to try this for our small group sometime. Thinking of you guys lately, wishing we lived closer so we could see those beautiful children. Will you guys be around on the weekend of March 24 or 31?? Talk to you soon. Love you tons.

  2. Thanks Mom! It was really delicious, and the icing was rich but SO easy and yummy! I'd definitely make it again. I know, we miss you all so much. Are you thinking of a visit?! March 24th would be better, although I do have a family bowling time scheduled in that Saturday but we could either not attend, or you could all come along! March 31st weekend will be busy for Tim I think. He has a speaking engagement at a conference for Efficiency NB and then may be doing the home show that weekend in Fredericton. He's not sure about the home show yet. We will talk :D