Thursday, November 3, 2011


I struggle with perfectionism.

I mean, the longing for perfection, the burden of trying, trying, and trying some more. The guilt of not-having-it-all-together. And feeling like I never will. I don't have a newborn anymore. I should be able to...

And the list begins. I feel inspired by Simple Mom's post and I will write my own list of things I don't do. Like she said - it's not about "a weird, reversed sense of comparison". Rather I would love to create "a breathing space for women to feel okay about who they are and the platform they've been given". (Tsh Oxenreider)

Sometimes the blog world is filled with beautiful photos and lovely posts about activities and well behaved children and we forget. We forget about the reality of life and feel the pressure that we don't measure up.

So here is a list of things I don't do:

-I don't wash the dishes after every meal. Yes, I use the excuse of not having a dishwasher. And I know it would make my life easier to get the dishes done. But I don't. And they pile.

-I don't exercise right now. At all. Besides going for walks with the girls and the dog.

-I don't wash my cloth diapers every other day.

-I don't tidy up the toys every evening. Sometimes I leave them out.

-I don't sew.

-I don't enjoy baking.

-I don't mop my kitchen floor (or any floors) very often.

There are many more things I don't do. Will you share?

Let's encourage each other and break away from the "super mom" mentality.

What don't you do?


  1. I am not a mom (yet), but I can understand how you feel, and your list. I love not being perfect in fact, it makes me feel human. You inspire me Pamela, and I love reading your blogs! My list is similar to yours, and you know what, that is ok :) xo

  2. -I don't put my laundry away very often.
    -I don't keep my bedroom tidy.
    -I don't often scrub my floors.
    -I don't exercise regularly either.

  3. Enjoyed this post. Something I think about often - probably too much.

    I don't let things go.
    I don't clean up the dishes after every meal (and I do have a dishwasher!)
    I don't enjoy cooking.
    I don't change my sheets biweekly.

  4. What a great post, Pamela. I don't wash my dishes after every meal either (also don't have a dishwasher). I don't fold laundry when it first comes out of the dryer and it piles up onto my bed until I can't see my bed. I feed my boys kraft dinner way often than I should. Now that I'm working 30 hrs/week, the list of things I "don't" do is growing by the day! A little grace for all of us moms who are doing the best we can.