Thursday, April 21, 2011

early literacy... making labels

About a month ago, Charlotte wanted to write labels. We were inspired by "Blue's Clues", the "Alphabet Power" video, and the episode called, "Let's Write". (I must be honest, the inspiration was not sheer will to write, but watching characters in a movie label things!) We worked together, and she had so much fun!

I had fun too, I love literacy, teaching it, reading, writing... all of these things are passions of mine. So it gave me great joy to practice writing and labeling with Charlotte. Here is one of her earlier labels - the door.

Here is a label made after we had been writing for a while. Notice the difference in her mark making, the separations and formations of the letters are becoming more distinct.

I modeled writing (without teaching her any letters or symbols) and made lots of labels too.

That evening Daddy got in on the writing action too! We made labels for each other.

The activity spanned two days. Notice the pajamas above (we started earlier into the day and were still labeling before bed). The following pictures are from the next day, you can see her "letters" getting more precise and separated with a space.

What are your favorite literacy activities?

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  1. Such a good idea! When my girls were preschool age we would practice using a salt tray. I'd put just enough salt onto a cookie sheet to barely cover the surface, and we'd practice tracing our letters in the salt. Then we'd give the tray a little shake to erase the letters. The reason we used salt? Easier to clean up than sand and less tempting than sugar!