Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lila's 6 months

The time passes so quickly, too quickly it seems to note every little change, every little milestone. Here we are, little Lila Adelaide is 6 months old. She is half of one whole year, soon there will be birthday cake and toddling around the yard and wondering... what happened to my tiny baby girl?

At 6 months, Lila can do so many things. She is rolling adeptly, can get across a room in no time at all. She rolls to get toys and paper and anything else she discovers on our floors. (Much harder to keep them baby friendly with a toddler around!) She has no interest in sitting still and playing!

She is gooing and gahhing and not growling (yet). Charlotte growled for a long time... mimicking Ava, we believe!

Lila loves Charlotte... she will laugh outloud at her sillyness, especially her dancing!

She loves to nurse, loves to snuggle but if I can't figure out what is bothering her, sometimes it is that she needs to get on the floor and move! She loves to go, grab and reach.

Lila is a very social girl and doesn't mind a big crowd with lots of noise! She is going through a phase of wanting to be close to me and usually if I'm in the room, wants to be held by me.

Lila is full of energy, knows what she wants and a feisty girl! I think we knew this moments after she arrived! She is a joy, and it is a blessing to call her my daughter.


  1. She looks so much like Charlotte now, so sweet!

  2. Aww...what a doll! She really does look a lot like Charlotte now! You have two sweet little girls!! =)

  3. Oh, so pretty in pink! She looks so much like you - it is like seeing you as a baby all over again!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day. Will call you later.
    Love, hugs and kisses -
    Mom and Grammie