Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Plan March 22 - 26

Menu planning seemed almost painful this week! Part of my problem is that I need to plan on Sunday now (which I didn't do yesterday). Monday morning I have dedicated to work for the business and I take Charlotte to a sitter. So by the time we get home and get lunch, it is getting late to tidy the house (also should do this on the weekend....) plan the menu, make the grocery list and shop all before supper. Plus Charlotte has a nap in there. I am a lucky girl... daddy is out with the girl tonight with my grocery list! And I get to tidy the house (again), wash dishes (again!!) and hopefully get some prenatal yoga in there. I have been extremely tired the past couple of days and felt totally drained today. I am feeling somewhat stressed about our upcoming trip (and excited too)... more to come on that later! If you have ANY tips on plane travel and/or travel in general with a toddler, I would LOVE to have them!!

So back to the menu plan. Here is what's on the go for this week:

Monday: Baked potatoes, peas, steamed broccoli, and chicken strips
Tuesday: Curry chicken and veggies over basmati rice
Wednesday: Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli with peas and carrots
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: BLT wraps and sweet potato fries

I am making snack for mom's group, and I'm planning on baking Apple Banana Oatmeal muffins.

Check out Laura's blog for more recipes. I have been checking out her Family Favorite Recipes when I get stumped for an idea.

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  1. Nurse on the way up and down in the plane, bring lots of chewing gum for yourself..... have you thought of trying to get her into the time change by changing her routine at home for the last few days before leaving? Would be a lot of extra work i'm sure, but might make your travels a bit more manageable if she is just adjusting to two hours instead of four, or something along those lines.

    This wil be such an amazing trip for you guys!
    My mom took me out west when I was almost three and I LOVED looking at those pictures when growing up and then going back as a young adult to the land marks in the pics was so much fun!

    Let me know if there is anything I can do help you get ready! :)