Friday, January 22, 2010

when she sleeps...

When she sleeps.... all I want to do is relax and breathe! Go to the bathroom in silence. Close my eyes and forget about the mountain of dishes. Read a magazine or book and ignore the toys scattered all over the floor. (Or write out my thoughts on here!)

I enjoy spending time with Charlotte but lately the biting and hitting has gotten to me. She is testing and has a very strong will. I love that about her... but I need to be able to listen to what she is trying to tell me. That an extra measure of attention and love and PATIENCE is key right now. She has a mouthful of teeth coming in, including molars after being a four-tooth girl for quite some time. It probably hurts like crazy. She is realizing things that she is capable of doing (climbing the toilet for example) but that I won't let her because it isn't safe. She just got the sound /k/ this week at the end of words and says "milk" and "book" clear as anything. Amazing!

She loves noodles and bread and grapes. She "jumped" like a maniac on the trampolines at open gym this week and I was so proud!! She is fearless and adventurous and loves to dance to "Fruit Salad" by the Wiggles.

I love her to bits and for now, I'm thanking God that she still has a nap during the day!! :)


  1. Ya, I totally value the nap time, just relaxing and taking a break from everything. Usually it involves a cup of tea and some reading. It just rejuvenates me and helps me to enjoy time with Samuel more.

  2. Ah yes, you are entering one of the most wonderful, terrible times of motherhood! :)