Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sign language

I have been using ASL with Charlotte for quite some time now. We started with the sign for milk, more and eat. She didn't take to it very well, and to be honest, I wasn't very consistent. I didn't wait to give her something until she signed, and I used them sporadically. I didn't think we would get very far with it. (Which is no big deal to me, if I were serious about it, I would have been much more adamant about using them all the time.)

Recently, however, she is signing up a storm! She does milk, eat, water, more, book, bath, potty, ball, finished (all done) and she knows what the sign for diaper change is and goes to her changing spot when I do that sign. I always say the word while signing, and she also says book, ball, dada, and dog fairly often. She will say those words with the sign, except for dog and dada. She babbles a lot and I love that!

Last night, she completely surprised me. We were reading the book "Look at You! A Baby Body Book" which many will recognize as it is one of the books they give away in the hospital here in NB. We got to the page where it says "Time for a bath" and I paused before saying "bath". Now, there is a picture of a baby eating on this page as the words before that talk about eating. Charlotte signed "bath" before I said the word!! She predicted text in a book!!!! (Or knew the sequence of the words.) This absolutely shocked me. I was stunned. I know she's smart but....

wow! I am pretty proud of her :D

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  1. That's awesome! We did a lot of sign language with Ezekiel due to his speech delay, and he still uses some of those signs today, even though he can say the words. It's a amazing how their little minds work!