Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The ABC's of me

Age: 27
Bed size: queen
Chore you hate: dishes and toilet scrubbing
Dogs or Cats: love dogs, allergic to cats (although I used to be petrified of dogs as a child)
Dog's name: Ava
Essential start you day item: coffee and carbs
Favorite color: blue
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5' 7"
Instruments you've played: Piano, took lessons from grade 4 to 12 and then again in my music degree in uni, taught piano for quite a few years too. Played clarinet in band (grade 7 - 12) and played tenor sax for a bit in the jazz band. Oh, and can't forget the recorder.
I am: loved and blessed
Job Title: "Homemaker" and "Secretary/Treasurer" of Tim's company
Kids: Charlotte, 14 months. Love, love, love kids, and hope to have many more!
Loud or Quiet: Probably quiet???
Living arrangements: small house, with a great yard
Married? yes, 5 years
Mom's name: Laurel
Nicknames: my younger sisters used to call me Pammie.....
Overnight hospital stay: giving birth to Charlotte (1 night of labour and 2 nights after that), gall bladder attack a week and a half later, 1 night emergency surgery and then the next night I was back for 3 or 4 nights with complications.
Pet peeve: people talking during a movie
Quote from a movie: I never remember quotes from movies.......
Right or Left handed: Right handed
Siblings: Kathryn, Heather, Sarah and Anna (I'm the oldest!)
Time you wake up: varies every day. I get up when Charlotte does for maximum sleep opportunities.
Underwear: yes.
Vegetable you don't like: olives - are they a vegetable?
Ways you run late: many, many ways.
X- rays you've had: just my teeth?
Yummy food you make: I follow recipes really closely... so if it's bad, I blame the recipe!!
Zoo favorite: monkeys/gorillas

I tag - Mom, Kathryn, Kate, Shanie and anyone else who is reading this that has a blog :)


  1. Cute! and I love your pumpkin photos on facebook!

  2. I strongly dislike it when people talk during a movie, too! I enjoyed reading your ABC's, thanks for doing it! :)