Saturday, June 6, 2009

cottage time

Opening up my parent's cottage usually happens sometime in May, but life has been pretty busy this year. We got out today, and swept out the flies!

It's really the first time we've had Charlotte out there, she was there once in the fall to close it, but was pretty little. The cottage has always been a relaxing getaway for me, a place to get away from life, breath a little deeper and slow down. However, today I realized that this will no longer be the case for me. I don't know how mom dealt with toddlers in there! It is not a "fancy" house-like cottage, the nails from the siding actually come through the walls, there are sockets (need to bring plugs next time) and wires exposed from the heater. There are no cupboards so all cooking supplies, food and cleaning supplies are only covered by curtains! There is a busy road out front and steep stairs out back..... I just was constantly on guard the whole time. I carried her all the time outside, except on the wharf I held her to dip her feet in. And just watched her like a hawk inside. I was a little sad that my peaceful retreat will no longer be peaceful, but realize that before I know it, Charlotte will be grown up enough to enjoy it on her own. She will be fishing with daddy and probably loving the water. She will be playing croquet and doing all sorts of big kid things. I need to learn to cherish the moments we have together now!
Ava loves it too!

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