Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 months old.

10 months. Somehow, your birthday is in 2 short months, and I am dumbfounded. And yet, I am overjoyed, because you are here, you have changed our lives and brought so much joy to our family. In 10 months.
You love to explore and discover. Rarely do you sit and play in one spot. Curious and adventurous.
You prefer finger foods now. You feed yourself with a spoon and rarely like to be fed by someone else. You have snacks throughout the day, but breastmilk is your main source of food. You will nurse when your hungry or need to be soothed. Sometimes you just want to play, and you show me that you don't want to eat. If I make the sign for milk and you turn in to me, I know that you are hungry.

You love books. You love to turn the pages and read out loud. You love "touchy-feely" books and know exactly where to touch on the pages. You also love books with sounds, and like to press the buttons.

You love your potty and prefer that over being held close to me over the toilet to pee. The potty is a special time, I sit behind you, and usually we read together or look at a toy. You know how to climb off it when you are finished, or when you don't have to go. Sometimes I catch almost all of your pees, sometimes not many at all. We are still learning, and throughout this process I am getting to know you more. When I don't have things on my mind, or housework to do, and we are just playing and spending time together, that's when I can easily tune in to you and know when you have to go.

I love our morning snuggles, you usually wake up around 4-5 in the morning. Then you snuggle with me in bed and nurse and we usually sleep in until 8. It is wonderful, and I'm kind of glad you don't "sleep through the night".

You are becoming more and more confident standing up. It won't be long now, you will be toddling around the house.

You love to welcome daddy at the end of the day. Both you and Ava run/crawl to the door when he comes home. You give him hugs and snuggles and I bet it is his favorite part of the day.

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