Friday, May 15, 2009

9 months old!

My baby is 9 months today... where have 9 months gone? I know I will say the same thing when it is 19 years..... but I must say that the journey has been incredible so far. Charlotte amazes me every day. She has so much joy and laughter for such a little one! She loves exploring and discovering new things. She also loves to cuddle and I cherish those moments. Really, we are having a blast.

Charlotte is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up on anything and everything. (Including unsuspecting children that are not too steady on their feet yet!) She is brave and does not fear falling. Although she does fall quite often, a snuggle and kisses usually makes everything better. She walks along things like sofas and coffee tables. She also stands by herself for a second when she lets go of the object she is hanging on to and then falls on her bum.

She loves to play ball. It's one of her very favorites. She gets very excited to pass it back and forth. Usually Ava comes running in all the excitement and tries to play too....

She says mama, nana, baba, dada and lots of other combinations of sounds. Dada is her very favorite and I think she is starting to associate the sound with the person. She gets SO excited with Tim comes home from work, and usually greets him with "ah ah ah"... kind of like a throaty laugh sound that Tim does with her all the time! It's pretty cute. She still growls A LOT, but I am comforted knowing that other children who do not have dogs do this too!

She sleeps pretty well. Our bedtime routine consists of a bath (about every 2-3 nights), pj's, stories and Raffi's "Quiet Time" cd. She nurses herself to sleep. (I know, I hear the groans and the just you waits......) But I love that time. It is the most quiet, most reflective time of the day for me, and I love it. And I think she likes it too. She usually goes down sometime between 9 and 10 pm. Then she wakes up usually once in the night for a quick snack and then back to her crib. She wakes up around 5 - 6 ish and I bring her into bed for another snack and then she sleeps with us until 8/8:30ish. This routine works for us, and although it is not condusive to nights out on the town, or morning work-outs, it is just right for us. It allows us to go to our evening activites with her, and once she is ready for bed, we leave. We have a much more flexible lifestyle in the evening and Tim gets to spend lots of time with her. (Which he loves.)

She is still breastfeeding as her primary source of food. This I love as well. It is good for her, and she still eats regular food during the day, but not tons of it. I am encouraged to know that the World Health Organization and Health Canada recommend breast feeding to 2 years and beyond. Hurrah for that! Not really realizing that time is passing so quickly, I was reminded at the FFRC that she can start eating lots of textured food now, her baby food days are coming to an end.... how did that happen so quickly? She still doesn't have any teeth, but she can eat things like cheerios which amazes me! I am going to start making more textured food for her, I will post on that another time.

She is such a happy baby. I love watching her grow and learn. I love this thing, called being a mom. And speaking of her, she just stirred, so I must move on to the next part of our day!


  1. Yes, time sure does fly by quickly. Look at Sarah and Anna - I remember the day we told you older girls that you had 'another' sister!! Parenting can be challenging but so worth the investment.
    Was hoping to see some pics of that sweet girl!!
    Maybe next time.
    Hugs and kisses from Grammie