Thursday, March 5, 2009

growing girl

Today was the 6 month appointment (although she is 6 months and 18 days) , and it seems that as she grows, the needles are getting easier. She cries, but is easily soothed. She is tall... 69 cm (27.2 inches) and 17.2 lbs. She is in the 95th percentile for height and right in the middle for weight. Oh, and she peed on me as soon as her diaper came off......

It's amazing to watch her personality and likes and dislikes develop. When is comes to food, so far she LOVES: rice, oats and barley cereal mixed with breast milk, pears and sweet potatoes (newest addition to her diet... see the picture below!). She dislikes carrots. (We are going to try again next week!)

She LOVES: being on the floor and moving. She is already getting up on her hands and knees. She knows how to move her knees, but she just falls forward because she hasn't figured out the hand motions for crawling yet. It won't be long....

She LOVES: bathtime. Hearing the water in the tub run will put her in such an excited state that she will be kicking and squealing and waving her arms. It is so fun!

She dislikes: getting out of the bath. Also, waiting for me to have a 6 minute shower in her bouncy chair is not pleasant.

She LOVES: anyone who talks and smiles to her. She is social and we talk to strangers all the time. Also, listening to music and dancing. And playing peek-a-boo.

There are so many things... she amazes me every day.


  1. I want to see her kick and squeal when she hears the bath water running!

  2. I find she really has some of Tim's looks in this picture!

  3. KMC - is that because she has food all over her face??? :D