Wednesday, March 25, 2009

day of no naps

Yesterday was one of those days.

-sliced my finger with a knife while cutting a bagel for breakfast
- tried to put Charlotte down for a nap in the morning so I could do a workout and shower
- she woke up 5 minutes later
- tried to keep her from crashing on her head as she is climbing over/crawling though everything she comes across
- tried to put her down at lunch time, woke up less than 5 minutes later
- tried to have a shower with her in her exersaucer (she has grown out of her bouncy seat as she pulls the toy bar off and then tries to escape even though she is belted in. result = unhappy girl that is leaned way over, and way too close to hitting her head on the toilet in our tiny bathroom)
- heard a huge crash and my heart stopped, I pulled back the shower curtain and jumped out to find this......

Sooooooooo thankful the plant did not fall on her... or she did not fall out of the exersaucer somehow. Maybe I am bad mommy for placing her seat too close to the plant that was sitting on the runner. But I guess exhaustion from chasing a baby who is into EVERYTHING has gotten to me. We tape down the cords and she pulls the tape off to get to them. She loves Ava's dish and I have to put it up every day. She opens the door with the DVDS and CDs inside and pulls them all out to chew on them. Who knew the transition from still baby to moving one was so difficult?

- then I tried to put her down in the afternoon..... and she woke up 5 minutes later.

- all three of us were waiting at the door when Tim arrived home from work. He took Charlotte and I tackled the mountain of dishes and laundry that had been waiting for me all day. Then Charlotte went down for a 1/2 hour nap!

P.S. We got that plant for a housewarming present (thanks Shanie!) and it was saved... now it is sitting in a cereal bowl, waiting for another pot to live in!

I am getting used to a world with a curious, active girl! And I thank God for her every day.


  1. I love how extremely happy she looks in her picture!! As frustrating and challenging as the days must be at least she's got that big smile to ease things over!
    Guess you have been googling "baby proofing" or "how to deal with a crawling baby" these days. ;)
    Hope she naps for you today!

  2. hahaha, I'm sorry Famela but I find this extremely funny for some reason. Maybe it's because Charlotte looks so proud of herself in the picture. I can't wait to come up and hold her so you can take a shower!

  3. oops, I called you famela...that's funny too! hehe