Sunday, March 15, 2009

baby sign language

On Saturday I hosted a baby sign language workshop. I have worked with students who sign and know a bit myself. I took a beginner sign course and also learned a lot working with hard of hearing and deaf students. I love signing, but unfortunately, don't use it much and therefore forget a lot of it. I am thrilled to be able to teach Charlotte sign language to aid in our communication for the first few years of life. I think it will decrease frustration for both of us, and greatly increase her vocabulary!

We had a wonderful teacher for the class, she is a teacher with APSEA (Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority) and uses sign with her daughter! The program that she works with is called Hands up Learning. Please e-mail me ( if you want more info and want to host a class, I can pass it along! I learned that one of the most important indicators of a child's academic success is her vocabulary. You need to TALK to you kids... all the time, about everything. (And listen too, of course.) Also, it is best to start with 3 signs and use those all the time (she suggested the sign for eat, more and milk). I have been doing too many and need to cut back! We have been doing the sign for finished/all done which I think I will continue. It takes time for your child to start signing back, so have patience with it. I cannot wait to see Charlotte's first sign!

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