Sunday, February 15, 2009

welcome to my world!

Hello to all people out there who might happen to stumble upon my blog! I am privileged to be writing a blog for the FredKid website. FredKid is such a valuable resource for parents, I recommend you take a look around the site if you are unfamiliar with it. As for me, I am hardly an expert on parenting, in fact, I have been a mom now for a whole 5 1/2 months! But I love parenting, and will share with you my experiences and struggles as a new mom. I am Pamela, mother to one beautiful little girl (aka Charlotte), doggy mommy to one rambunctious little puppy (aka Ava) and wife to my loving husband (aka Tim). I'm sure you will discover a lot more about me as time passes and I share my thoughts on mommyhood. I hope you return and share this journey with me.

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