Sunday, February 22, 2009

discovering..... FOOD!

We had a great weekend this weekend... relaxing, wandering around downtown... checking out new shops and getting a latte at my favorite coffee spot in Freddie. This trip also included new winter boots for me, hurray! Now, walking on snowy sidewalks won't be such a chore. And risky ;)
We also took it easy because we are all recovering from the nasty head/sinus/cough thing that is going around. Poor girl was up a lot last night with that cough.

We have also been enjoying watching Charlotte discover food.... and spoons and bowls! As long as she is hungry enough she LOVES to eat. In her genes perhaps?? So far, she has had rice and oats to eat. I am deciding what to introduce this week. A vegetable? Fruit? Barley, perhaps? Any suggestions out there?

She drank the last of her cereal out of the bowl... what a girl. xo

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